Ada County Property Value Increases

Even though the Boise housing market has taken a down turn from the 20% plus annual increases in property value, things are still looking good in Ada county. Ada county includes Boise, Eagle, Meridian, and Star. Ada county home prices have risen approximately 7% this year (from January to July).

The median home price in Ada county (Boise, Meridian, Star, Garden City, and Eagle) is $235,000. This may seem like a lot to some people but Boise home prices are very inexpensive compared to other real estate around the nation. 

I contribute the home price increase to the decrease in home owners wanting to sprawl to the outer limits of the city and the increase in home inventory in Canyon County. There is a lot of inventory in the outer city limits. Canyon county includes Nampa, Caldwell and Kuna. Many home developers over the lat few years purchased property and started building subdivisions. Almost all of the home building went west toward Oregon. Now Canyon county has a great deal of homes on the market and it is definitely a buyers market.

This does not mean Canyon County is not a good place to purchase a home. In fact Nampa and Caldwell are going though some face lifts. Both cities are putting a great deal of money into increasing their down town look and feel. They had an increase in homes over the last couple of years and now the commercial real estate is starting to catch up. Both cities are getting larger restaurants and department store chains and the street corners are filled with new small commercial buildings.


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