100 Top Foreclosure Zip Codes and Cities

Las Vegas, Nevada tops the list of the highest foreclosure rate in the nation with eight out of the top 10 zip codes coming from the gambling capital of the world. The worst zip code in the nation had 741 total foreclosure filings in December of 2007 and was in
North Las Vegas, zip code 89031.

Number eight on the list of top foreclosure filings in December 2007 was
Stockton California, zip code 95206, with 473 total filings. Another state but still in the top 10 was
Detroit Michigan, zip code 48228, with a total of 453 foreclosure filings.

Other cities on the top 100 foreclosure filings in December 2007 include Lehigh Acres  Florida, Cape Coral Florida, Phoenix Arizona, Cleveland Ohio, and
Woodbridge Virginia. For a complete list of the top 100 highest foreclosure zip codes you can check out the full story at CNNMoney.com

These are just the top 100 zip codes. There are many other cites and state with high foreclosure rates. Many people purchase homes and can now not afford their adjusted mortgage payment or the current economy is just not giving them the income they need to afford their mortgage.

If you are getting behind on your payments and the possibility of foreclosure is looming, contact your local real estate investor. Local real estate investors are still purchasing properties in some of the hardest hit areas of the nation. They know your local market and can show you many avenues to sell your house, lease options, short sales, owner finance, and cash offers are all possible solutions to your selling need.


One Response to 100 Top Foreclosure Zip Codes and Cities

  1. Myrtle Beach sc says:

    Where I live we have tons of second home owners – So we were hit super hard by the real estate down turn

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