Action Plan for Selling a Home

March 16, 2015

Once the decision is made to pull up stakes and seek a new piece of the American dream, there is much work to be done to sell my house fast.Research the MarketEvery community’s real estate market is different so seek out local professionals who can advise you on your home’s likely selling price.There’s a saying in real estate that you don’t want to buy the biggest house on the block or the smallest house. Keep this in mind if your house is out of the ordinary in your neighborhood. Talk to local real estate professionals about realistic pricing and do your own research. Setting the price too high in the beginning can lead to a longer time to sell. It can also lead to low-ball offers after the price is cut several times.Inspect and RepairNormal wear and tear can take its toll on your own little castle. An experienced home inspector can tell you what repairs are needed. Few buyers are looking for a handy-man special and most will get their own inspection during the purchasing process. Do