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November 8, 2014

sell my houseThere are many reasons why you may be in a situation where you need to sell your home quickly. Life has challenges such as divorce, needing to relocated because you received a new job in a different area, inheriting a home from a family member, becoming ill and needing to sell. Rather than listing your home with a realtor, fixing up your home for sale, hosting open-houses, and waiting for the right buyer for your house, you can get a free offer for your house from a local real estate investor. Sell Your House Fast by contacting a local investor. They will come to your home, review the condition of your home, and provide you a free, no-obligation home selling offer.



Lowest Mortgage Rates Since 1971!

December 18, 2008

This week marks a new low for mortgage rates. Mortgage rates are at a 37 year low. Rates have not been this low since 1971. The federal government decreased interest rates for the seventh consecutive week. This is an all out attempt to bring home buyers into the market and take some inventory off the shelf.

The thought is lower interest rates will bring home buyers out from the bushes and the side lines. It will also help the many home owners who have home equity lines of credit on their homes. HELC interest rates usually move up or down with the prime interest rates.

This week housing permit data also came out, with good news and bad. The results state November as the lowest housing permit month in history since 1975. The good news from this data is less homes being built mean some of the existing homes sitting vacant on the market will be purchased. The bad news is if home building permits are going down, it suggests local economies are struggling and decreasing as well.

It takes many trades and people to build homes. Plumbers, electricians, framers, engineers, designers, project managers, and the list goes on. With less homes being built these people have no where to work and that is not good or the economy.

So with all the bad news about the real estate market many questions come to mind. When will the real estate market find a bottom? When will we stop seeing more foreclosures across the nation? When will many of americans largest investments start seeing positive returns rather than declines in the double digits?

There is no one or two pieces of data that can lead you to the answer of when the real estate market is going to turn around. There are however a few economic factors that you can track locally to determine where your local market sits. Here are a few economic factors I suggest you track on a monthly basis. Rate of new house building permits, rate of existing homes sales, rate of foreclosures, and interest rates.

If you track these items on a monthly basis you should have a pretty good idea of when the real estate market will hit bottom, or when it does. When building permits increase, and existing homes sales increase it is a sign that better times are ahead.

For now if you are in a home that seems impossible to sell I suggest contacting a local home buyer or we buy houses representative in your area. They exist in every major city in the nation. They are not real estate agents but investors who are professional home buyers. You can talk with them at no cost and they can give you great advice about your best home selling options.

Sell My House in Las Vegas – This is How To Sell a Las Vegas House Fast

May 3, 2008

Home prices in Las Vegas have dropped by over 22 percent in the last 12 months. Each and every month it seems there are more banks taking back properties through the foreclosure process in Las Vegas. That means there are hundreds of people who will have a foreclosure on their credit report which will have devastating affects to their life. Many of these people are saying, how can I sell my house in Las Vegas.

If you are from Las Vegas than you know the hard situation you are faced with. Your home has lost enormous amounts of value and most of you probably owe more for your house than what it is worth. You can not afford your house so you know you need to sell it, ,the problem is who do you sell to?

Well believe it or not there are still people who are buying houses in Las Vegas. Many people do not know that professional home buyers or real estate investors buy houses throughout the country, even in the hardest hit areas like Las Vegas. Home buyers are real estate investors who some times buy properties and hold for long term investments.

If you owe more for your Las Vegas house than what it is worth then you should consider selling your house to a professional home buyer. They will negotiate with the bank to get your name released from the mortgage and complete a successful short sale. This way you will not get a foreclosure status on your credit report, which will save you lots of money and hassle in your future.

Just this year there have been more than 155,000 houses lost to foreclosure. That is an enormous amount of people who either did not put effort into finding a home selling solution or did not know that professional home buyers can help solve complicated real estate situations. There is no reason people should loose their house to foreclosure. Banks will negotiate payoff amounts so you can sell your house.

The problem is many real estate agents and home owners try to conduct short sales themselves with no experience. This can be devastating to all parties involved. If you have never conducted a short sale do not start now. You need to contact a local home buyer who is a professional, knows the short sale process, knows what is required from the loss mitigation department, and knows how to negotiate, if you have any chance at success.

So if you own a Las Vegas house, or any house for that matter and are near foreclosure, or need to sell your house for one reason or another, do not give up. Contact your local home buyer and get a free consultation on your home selling options. There is no charge for any services provided by professional home buyers so you have nothing to loose.

Sell Your House Fast Needed Tips

February 10, 2008

When a person finally makes the decision to sell their home for whatever reason, one of the things that is most heard is “I want to sell my house fast.”  This is understandable.  Leaving behind a home you have lived in for a time is not easy, even if the decision to sell has been made for positive reasons.  It takes more than just a wish to help sell your house quickly; it takes commitment to a few simple rules.  To help you realize your goal, here are a few things you can do to make sure your have the best chance of your home selling. By following these, you will help convince a local home buyer to make an offer.

Tell yourself, “I will sell my house fast by de-cluttering”.  This may seem unnecessary; after all, you will be packing after you sell the house.  However, a house can be clean and still appear unappealing to a home buyer if there is a lot of clutter.  The house will appear smaller.  Taking the time to empty off bookshelves, pack knickknacks and clean off counters and tabletops will make these areas appear more open and thus allow each area to appear bigger.  This also enables a buyer to picture his or her own belongings in that space.

Tell yourself “I will sell my house by emotionally letting it go”.  Take the time before you show your house to take down all pictures.  Leaving the walls blank will allow a potential home buyer to picture his or her own art on the walls, making it appear more appealing.  Go through and pack away any family photos and items with sentimental value.  This will allow you to sell your house, not your home.  It is easier to sell a building than a place that is full of memories.

Tell yourself “I will sell my house quicker if I make minor repairs”.  Go through your house and look around objectively.  Repair any cracks and holes.  Repainting all the walls a neutral color will also help allow home buyers to see each room as they would like it to appear.  You may love your purple bedroom, but people looking for a new home may prefer blue or green.  Make sure all light bulbs are working, all leaks are fixed and all doors are in good repair.  When the minor things are taken care of, the house will look more appealing to potential home owners and they will make an offer.

Curb appeal is also another item that should be on your list to complete before selling your house. Go outside and look at how your house appears when you approach it.  You want potential home buyers to feel it is worth entering.  If paint is peeling or the house looks neglected, they will not even come inside and you have now lost a potential sale.

By implementing a few tasks you will have a much better chance of your home selling quickly rather than sitting on the marketing. This will allow you to feel in more control of the situation. When homes sit on the market and do not receive offers in the first few weeks you will have to drop your asking price, and no one likes to do that.

If you do not have the time or do not want to put in the effort of getting your home ready to sell you could always sell your house to a local real estate investor. Many people are not aware that real estate investors exist in every major city in the nation. They buy houses from people in all kinds of situations. Divorce, foreclosure, bankruptcy, relocation, inheritance, 100 percent financed homes, ugly homes and pretty homes.

If you need to sell your house quickly and do not have the time or money to deal with selling your house to picky buyers then contact your local home buyer. They will give you a free offer on your home and you have no obligation to accept it.