Why Home Sellers Accept Low Price Offers

June 23, 2008

Some realtors will tell you it is a buyers market. Other times, realtors will rejoice that it is a sellers market. No matter what the season for real estate holds, one thing remains true, every buyer wants a lower price and every seller wants the highest price possible. It is possible to learn how to offer a low price on a home for the highest benefit for the buyer.

Currently, wise home sellers are not instantly rejecting offers that are coming in well below their asking price. With the number of homes on the market in their neighborhood combined with personal motivating factors to sell the home, many more offers are being entertained than in the past.

However, whenever you offer a lowball offer that is interpreted as insulting to a homeowner, you always risk offending the seller and utterly losing the transaction. How can you negotiate a low price without hurting the sellers feelings and still get a great deal? Information is key.

In order to make an aggressive offer, a smart home buyer will do his or her research. If you do your homework, you can make a savvy, lower offer that will make sense to both the buyer and the seller. In a market where the seller has the upper hand, a sellers personal motivating factors for selling, such as relocation for a job, divorce, foreclosure, combined with smart comparable data about the neighborhood can create the ideal situation for a buyer to make an offer on a home much lower than the asking price.

What are some of the risks for offering a sale price much too low without doing your research? After all, the worst they can say is no. However, if the buyer is serious about owning the property, a sale offer that is too aggressive can cause the seller to reject your offer and not deal with you. In addition, the seller might assume that the buyer is not serious about making a deal. However, with outside, unbiased data at your fingertips, the smart home buyer can make a strong argument for the price and see a higher rate of success.

Even if you believe the sale price is appropriate, there are other ways to lower the amount you put towards a home. Look for sellers who are strongly motivated to sell. For instance, job relocation or sellers who have already purchased and closed on another home. These home sellers will be more likely to entertain the idea of paying for closing costs or changing the close date for a lower price. Of course, if the home has been on the market for an extended period of time, the assumption is that the seller will be highly motivated to sell at a more flexible price. By negotiating these factors, you can see thousands drop from the bottom line of home buying.

Overall real estate conditions will be a large factor in the price you can get from your home purchase. However, it’s important to remember there are a number of other factors in addition to the market to help the home buyer to lower the price of their future home.

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The Fate Of The Real Estate Agent

June 21, 2008

It may have taken longer than with other industries, but realtors are starting to see the impact of the Internet on their incomes. While the Internet has provided easy access to much more information for realtors to do their job better, it has also given the same information to homeowners looking for ways to save while looking for a new home.

Specifically, sites like HomeGain and Zillow are showing realtors that their industry will need to change or they will be reduced in numbers. Since these websites are giving away precious real estate information for free, commissions are dropping for realtors.

What is the main motivating factor to sign on with a realtor? In one word, information is the key reason why most homeowners will choose a realtor for their home buying and home selling needs. After all, realtors have access to information the average person cannot obtain. However, with the appearance of HomeGain and Zillow on the marketplace, access to the information has now become public knowledge.

In the past, you simply could not buy or sell a home without the use of a realtor. Their access to the National Association of Realtors’ multiple listing services was essential to buying or selling your home in an appropriate amount of time at a price that suited the homeowners. Only real estate agents knew what homes in the area were being sold for and they were only willing to share that information for a commission, the standard 6 percent.

Now, however, real estate information has become available online and become available for free. Any average homeowner can get a estimate on their homes value through RealEstateABC, Zillow and HomeGain. Or they can get an offer on their house from sites like ExpertHomeOffers. Should a homeowner want to put their home out there for public access, they can easily place their property information on ForSaleByOwner and other sites.

Accuracy, however, is the drawback for these websites and currently, the saving point for realtors who might worry about the future of their careers in the face of these daunting information sites. Currently, Zillow can be slightly off on homes in neighborhoods where fewer properties sell. These sites will be more accurate in neighborhoods who have had a number of sales recently to better gauge comparables in the area.

However, a realtor will have a similar problem in a neighborhood that rarely sells properties and websites like Zillow have an advantage they are not biased. Whereas an overzealous realtor might inflate home estimates to win over prospective clients, Zillow and other similar websites tell it exactly like it is, for better or worse.

Another down side of not using a real estate agent in a new home purchase or to sell a home is that a real estate agent can protect your best interests. Home owners rarely buy or sell real estate and most need help through the process. It can be complicated and if you make a mistake it can cost you thousands.

However, if you need to sell your house fast you would be much better off selling to a local home buyer in your area. They exist in every major city in the nation and they buy multiple homes each month. They mostly deal with people who are facing foreclosure, moving out of state or recently inherited a home, but their service is free.

The change in the real estate market mirrors what happened with traditional stock brokers whose monopoly on trading information was threatened with the advent of investing websites. Just as these stock brokers had to change their offerings and lower their fees, so too will realtors have to change in order to be a viable and important part of the real estate market. Rather than fight these informational websites, realtors will have to find ways to make their services invaluable for the homeowners who will need their marketing skills and experience in the real estate market.

Gas Prices Across The World – How It Affects Housing

June 20, 2008

Who ever said increased gas prices would only affect consumer spending was not in the real estate business. As the cost of fuel increases it has rippling affects in the housing market as well.

With gas prices now over the 4 dollars per gallon in the United States, now natural gas is going up as well. When this happens home buyers look for smaller homes to keep the energy bills down. The big kicker is home buyers look for homes closer to their work.

What does all this mean. It means the condos and town houses that are close to down town, which is close to work for many blue collared professionals will see an increase in buyer traffic and sales. Now days living 20 driving minutes closer to work can add up to hundreds of dollars a month in savings. When home buyers add these savings up over years they will be in the house, and assuming gas prices keep going up, it makes the home buying decision that much easier.

So if you are wondering how the United States compares with other places in the world, here is a list of gas prices

Country                 $ per gallon
Australia                      5.60

Belgium                       8.44
Brazil                           6.02

Canada                        5.49
Denmark                      9.31

Finland                         8.90
France                         8.06

Germany                      9.20
Guatemala                   7.38

Hong Kong                   8.33
India                            5.15

Israel                           7.95
Italy                             8.78

Japan                          5.83
Netherlands                10.11

Norway                      10.37
Portugal                      8.90

Sierra Leone              18.43
Singapore                   6.06

South Korea                7.38
Sweden                      8.71

Turkey                      10.14
United Kingdom          8.56

From looking at this data you can only assume that gas prices are not going to go down in the United States any time soon. In fact, it looks like 4 dollars per gallon is a good deal when you compare our price of fuel with other countries.

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More Sell My House Tips For Sale With Owner

June 19, 2008

Clutter can be a house selling nightmare. Show off how large and beautiful your home is. Even if you dont have a lot of space, you dont want to send the signal to future buyers that you dont have enough storage by putting your clutter everywhere. If you need to, put boxes and things in the trunk of your car or ask a friend who has room if you can leave a few things at his/her house for a few months.

At the worst, you might need to rent a small storage space. Although most homeowners would balk at the idea of renting a storage unit while selling their home, removing the junk and clutter can have a huge impact on your home-selling possibilities. If your buyers cannot see the walls, they can’t appreciate the little things that helped to sell your house to you in the first place.

Another sharp tip to selling your home faster is by organizing your closets. Nothing distresses buyers more than opening a closet that is packed and messy. It sends the signal that you cannot find room for your own clothes so how will they? Try to put your clothes and things in boxes and hide in the attic or in another closet to make the closets appear larger. Buyers want storage space.

If you are really thinking how can I sell my house. The best option is to contact a local real estate professional online to recieve a free, no obligation offer. It takes one minute to complete the online form and you can expect to receive an offer within 24 hours. These are professional home buyers who buy houses quickly from all kinds of people in all kinds of home selling situations.

Put away knickknacks, family pictures and other sentimental things to avoid drawing your buyer away from the home to look at your pictures. You want them to picture themselves in your home so that they will buy it. Although it might seem harsh to put away family pictures for the entire time that your home is on the market, but it can help your buyers see what they want a new home for themselves to create memories.

Do your walls need a fresh coat of paint? Interior paint purchases can be a wise move for homes whose walls have dulled. You might not even realize how much your walls have faded over the years until you put a fresh coat of paint on. Grab some friends and towels to cover the furniture and floors and get to work on putting a fresh coat on. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

Now that you have tackled the walls, how are your floors? Do you need to replace cracked tiles or chipped floors? Take the time to make the changes now in order to sell the property faster in the future.

Bathrooms and kitchens are huge selling point and there is nothing worse than seeing someone elses grim in your future bathroom. Kitchens and bathrooms need to shine brilliantly if you want the home to sell, including grout cleaning, fresh paint, clean appliances and scrub the tub or shower floor until it gleans.

These little tricks can go a long way in renovating and improving your home. Best of all, they don’t cost a ton of money, but will make your house stand out from the competition. Implement some of all of these tips and you are on your way to a faster home sale.

However, if you do not have the money or do not want to put the effort into fixing up your home and putting it on the market you can always receive a free offer from a professional local home buyer. They exist in every major real estate town and you have no obligation to accept their offer. You can sell your house quick for sale with owner and have no real estate costs.